YoY Growth % Calculation With SAP IBP
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By: Diana Fajardo - August 16th, 2022

Authored by: Tianyue Wang (Terri)

YoY Growth % Calculation With SAP IBP

Use Case

Businesses need to be able to answer questions such as: “How do our Q1 numbers look compared with last year’s Q1?”, “How does our business growth compare with last year’s?” or “Has our business growth slowed down in recent periods?”. To be able to answer those questions, companies perform a year-over-year (YoY) analysis to compare recent performance to that of historical periods. This type of analysis enables users to easily see long-term trends and how the financials are trending over time. 

How to Calculate YoY Growth %

Year-over-Year Growth = (Current Period – Last Period) / Last Period * 100%

We can easily build this formula in Excel when doing simple calculations, but self-based calculations are not supported in SAP IBP. For this, IBP has its own Simplified Key Figure Calculations Function – Period Shift.


How to calculate YoY


To calculate our YoY Growth % in SAP IBP we will use the Period Shift using a Constant.

The Period Shift Function is mainly to create a helper to store the key figure values that you wanted to do the comparison, so the calculation of growth will happen between two key figures, which makes the configuration in one step.

The example below shows how the period shift helper (last year) matches with the input key figure (current year) and does the calculation in a straight way.  


YoY Growth


Since the request is the year-on-year growth, which is a fixed period, we can use shift by a constant function in Period Shift, which means to use a constant to define the number of periods by which you want to shift the input key figure, you can shift into future (positive integer), or shift into the past (negative integer):


IBP Calculation

Actual Sales Qty Prior Year:



YoY Growth %:


Planning View Display

The main benefit of YoY Growth % is that users can easily identify if there has been a positive or negative impact. 

Planning View Display

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