Warehouse Readiness to Consumers’ Changing Shopping Behavior
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By: Krypt Team - October 30th, 2020

Global Supply Chain & Consumer Behavior

Globally every consumer looks for just in time service delivery. And, a warehouse plays pivotal role in the delivery of products to a consumer across the globe. The impact of the pandemic lockdown on businesses have been deep and far-reaching.

Consumers have come to terms with the realities of isolation and the interconnected business world. In such unprecedented times, both are important. The uncertainty about the future has brought about big change in consumers’ shopping behavior – of bulk-buying through online shopping. As a result, many businesses have gone online to offer their products/services.

Warehouse Readiness

Almost every warehouse regularly witnesses variability in required throughput. And, warehouses are conditioned to variability in demand and are equipped to deal with them. However, warehouses are not equipped to accommodate major demand swings – either upward or downward, which has come about due to the pandemic. Such sudden swings in the throughput requires rapid manpower changes. But businesses whose warehouses are technologically equipped can cater to their consumers in a better manner.

Warehouses who have their processes automated are better off in doing away with the manual and paperwork to increase the visibility & productivity of warehouse core operations and resources. Usage of SAP Fiori apps for EWM, equips warehouse personnel to operate on their mobile devices for almost all major warehouse processes.

How can Krypt help?

Krypt is an SAP preferred partner and has assisted in the success stories of global businesses across industries & geographies. We have helped businesses through successful integration & implementation of  SAP EWM, SAP GTS, SAP TM, and SAP IBP.

If your warehouse is using a legacy system or has not explored the benefits of SAP Fiori App for Extended Warehouse Management, then DOWNLOAD Krypt’s White Paper titled – Warehouse Management using SAP EWM Fiori App.  And, to know more about our products/services, please request a DEMO or do contact us.

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