Understand how a global consumer products company can deploy IBP Process successfully
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By: Krypt Team - March 27th, 2020

Authored by: Vijendra Kargudri

Dynamic consumer behavior & market landscape

Across the decades, irrespective of the geographies, culture, and products, the global consumers’ behavior and market landscape has been witness to myriad & dynamic changes. At the core of the market operations is the volatility of consumers’ behavior, driven by their changing needs and product demand, which makes it very challenging for product companies.

As such a global consumer products company is at the forefront of experiencing and adapting to the new market realities. Various trends in the markets impact such a company. Unlike companies across other industries, a consumer products company is significantly impacted by these trends.

Major challenges

For a global consumer products company, irrespective of its product offering and geographic location, the challenges faced go beyond merely managing the market trends. More so, in scenarios that cannot be foreseen!

The wide-scale complex global operations, balancing the market dynamics in sync with global-level priorities, and running a sustainable business in wake of its significant impact on the environment, societies, communities and local government are major challenges faced by a global consumer products company.

How can Krypt help?

Krypt is an SAP preferred integration & implementation partner and has assisted in the success of global businesses through implementation of SAP IBP, SAP GTS, SAP TM & SAP EWM.

If you are global products company looking for successful IBP deployment, please DOWNLOAD Krypt’s white paper entitled: “Deploying a successful IBP Process in a Global Consumer Products Company.” Through this white paper Know more about how we can help you consider the right things, make the right choices, and understand what specific sets of considerations need to be addressed properly at your end for successful IBP deployment in your company.

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