Transitioning from SAP TP/VS to SAP TM
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By: Team Krypt - August 15th, 2018


SAP a Market Leader in Transportation Management Solutions

Over the years SAP has heavily invested into transportation management solutions and many companies have tremendously benefited from adopting and using them. Despite the fact that many enterprise software companies moved into this competitive sector, when it comes to completeness of a product and ability to execute, SAP has one of leading positions. What is interesting to see is that according to Gartner’s “magic quadrant” SAP has made substantial progress in solution advancements that has allowed the company to distance itself from the outsiders and significantly catch up with the main competitors.

Gartner SAP

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems 2014 & 2018

Upgrade from TP/VS to TM?

For many Transportation Planning/Vehicle Scheduling (TP/VS) module was and still is the main component for routing and scheduling outbound and inbound shipments. However, TP/VS was supported up until 2016 as part of an Extended Maintenance program. Many customers were left to wonder what next step they should take to stay up to date with shipment solution. For some, it was clear to transition to SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) system, which extended TP/VS functionality by including freight costing and execution capabilities. For others, there should be no reason to hold back.

SAP TM Solution History 1994-2018

SAP Transportation Management Solution History (1994-2018)

Differences between TP/VS and TM

There are some major differences in the architecture to be aware of and as of 2017, there are differences even in deployment options for SAP TM. Diagrams below show how both solutions can be deployed. Each deployment approach for SAP TM has its advantages.

TM deployment




Whether you are still considering it to be wise of you to diverge from TP/VS and move to SAP TM? Then, consider the differences tabulated below and keep in mind that SAP TM has a long roadmap ahead but TP/VS is no longer enhanced.



SAP TM offers flexibility 

SAP TM successfully adapted most of TP/VS concepts and existing functionality was majorly improved to properly address customers’ needs. SAP TM is independent of any ERP system and can be deployed as a standalone option as well. Also, SAP provides seamless integration with its own ERP system SAP ECC. This provides a lot of flexibility in setting up your landscape.

Gain visibility into your SAP TM

To complement the solution we developed reports to extend SAP TM functionality with comprehensive analytics. Our product Krypt Visibilty provides tools to have a holistic picture on main metrics such as shipper analysis, sales order analysis, and freight order analysis. There is more to come, stay tuned…

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