Comparing trade with and without SAP GTS
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By: Team Krypt - June 13th, 2016

Overview of SAP GTS

Thinking about a trade solution? SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) provides a single, complete global trade platform to meet global trade regulations enterprise-wide. It can be nimble and robust, providing framework for controlling, calculating and communicating against any trade regulation, for any company and any country.

Comparing Trade Management with and without SAP Global Trade Services

Trade solution – without SAP GTSTrade solution – with SAP GTS
Single solution per country – multiple installations of trading and customs systems, operating systems/ databasesOne centralized SAP GTS solution across the whole enterprise
Data distributed in many different systemsHolistic data availability over the whole company
Different business processes as a result of different systemsCompliant processes across the enterprise with consistent processes
Higher IT costsLower IT costs
Does not allow customers to electronically file customs declarationsAllows customers to electronically file customs declarations as SAP GTS is licensed to work with few countries
Does not streamline accounting and reporting processes as business processes are spread across various systemsXcelsius dashboards and crystal reports integration streamlines the whole reporting processes

SAP GTS is based on SAP NetWeaver technology and can be connected to both SAP and Non-SAP feeder systems.

The table above depicts how SAP GTS is integrated across different applications (ERP, CRM, SRM, Legacy systems), regulatory data (HTS/ECCN, Duty rates, SPL ) from data providers and Business partners (Vendors, customers, banks, freight forwarders, brokers) and how it serves as a platform for one centralized solution across the enterprise.

Let us consider an example in how SAP GTS can automate compliance of complex, new and changing global trade regulations.

Exports from USA for encryption products

Major changes as part of US regulations took place in 2010 in how one should export encryption related products and each change requires to adjust how we control and report on encryption products. Every country has different regulations and exports from other countries also has to adhere to US regulations if the parent company is based out of USA.

In such a scenario, SAP GTS, being a one stop solution, allows all of the changes to be reflected easily in the system with few tweaks from master data and configuration. This proactive nature prevents any bottleneck in the supply chain cycle thereby increasing efficiency and speeding of customs clearance processes.

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