Top 10 New Features in SAP IBP 2208 Release
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By: Diana Fajardo - July 19th, 2022

Authored by: Andrei Colonescu

SAP has released a Sneak Peek for SAP IBP What’s New 2208

In this blog, we get to check the top 10 features that we are looking forward to learning more about:

1. Introducing Transportation Load Building for Order-Based Planning

This is one of the long awaited features that we were waiting on becoming available from APO to IBP. Now, planners can  optimize the usage of their transportation equipment by grouping the transportation requirements in their supply chain into transportation loads.

2. Keep Clipboard Entries After Refresh (Microsoft Excel)

For me, this was one of those annoying limitations that always had me having to recopy the data set/records I wanted to use in a different tab. In the previous releases, the clipboard wasn’t being kept if the planning view or master data workbook was refreshed. Now, even if the view is being refreshed, the clipboard will remain.

3. Disaggregation Based on Calculated Key Figures

Administrators can now use the new Other Key Figure – Calculated Values proportionality to disaggregate key figure values proportionally to the calculated values of another key figure.

4. New App: Maintain Business Roles (New) – Preview

SAP will release a new app that will allow administrators to maintain restrictions for business roles in a newly designed UI and to view a restrictions overview that includes filtering options. It will replace the Maintain Business Roles app in the future.

5. New App: Manage Historical States

The app allows administrators to view the configuration state for planning area and perform various actions as:

  • View the list of all historical states available for each planning area and the number of deltas saved between a state and the following state.
  • Navigate to the details of any selected state.
  • The details of the state are opened in the Planning Areas app.
  • Archive a planning area state to ensure that it is retained beyond the retention period set for historical states.
  • The retention period is controlled by the HISTORY_RETENTION_RELEASES global configuration parameter. Unarchived historical states with an expired retention period are automatically deleted upon upgrade.
  • Delete the archived instance of a state.
  • When you archive a state, an archived instance is created. You can delete the archived instance. The deletion doesn’t affect the state itself, which is retained throughout the retention period.

6. Support the Use of Microsoft Excel Native Sorting Function

Users can now use native Microsoft Excel sorting in planning view worksheets, in order to use this function the Repeat Row Header checkbox will need to be ticked.

7. Enhancements to Planner Workspaces

As expected SAP is working every release to improve the Planner Workspace app. This release of the app has been enhanced to support value-based filters for key figures and navigation to other systems. In addition, you can now add the new component for transportation load building to your Workspaces.

8. Demand Planning External Preprocessing

Users can now add external preprocessing algorithms to their forecast models.

9. Time-Series-Based Supply Planning – Freeze Horizon for Shelf Life Planning Heuristic

Users can now freeze a supply plan for the first few periods of the planning horizon when using the time-series based shelf life planning heuristic.

10. Suppressible Error Changes in Upcoming SAP IBP Releases

Make sure you plan ahead in checking and fixing the following errors:

  • *S* Stored values of KFs, with different base PLs, are read from PL &1
  • *S* Calc. &1@&2: PL of input KF &3 has more attr. than base PL &4.
  • *S* Calc. &1@&2: PL of input KF &3 doesn’t contain root attr. of base PL.
  • *S* Calculation &1@&2: Function &3 has incorrect number of parameters.
  • Calculation &2@&3: Attribute &1 is not available from any input.
  • Calculation &1@&2: Some input-output attribute pairs are lost.
  • Calc. &1@&2: Aggregation function can’t have an embedded expression.

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