Top 10 New Features in SAP IBP 2205 Release – A sneak preview
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By: Krypt - April 11th, 2022

Authored by: Andrei Colonescu  

Top 10 New Features in SAP IBP 2205 Release

SAP has released a Sneak Peek for SAP IBP What’s New 2205. In this blog, we get to check the top 10 features that we are looking forward to learning more about:


Simulation for Purging Non-Conforming Data

For this one, I’m especially curious, because I was never sure what is the data that was being removed from the backend. Now, when scheduling the job in the Application Jobs app, we can simulate and preview the data to be purged. 


Business Network Collaboration – Increased Number of custom key figures for quantities

Up to 30 custom key figures for quantities are now supported for data sharing plans that can be used to send information from SAP IBP to forecast add-on for SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration for Buyers. 


New APP: Simulate Key Figure Calculations

Simulate and validate changes made to the calculation definitions of key figures without activating the planning area first. 


New key figure simplification: Current Value Calculation

IBP_CURRENT_VALUE function retrieves the current value of the input key figure in a time-independent output key figure. 


Demand Planning – External Forecasting

External forecasting algorithms can now be added to the forecast models in the Manage Forecast Models app, allowing users to tailor forecast calculations to specific use cases. The external algorithm is only available in the SAP IBP (example of external systems RStudio or Visual Studio)


Demand Planning – New Algorithm: Croston TSB Method

The Croston TSB method is now available as a forecasting algorithm. The method can be used to predict demand for products with intermittent time series. 


Demand Planning – Unlimited Number of Extra Signals in Demand Sensing

Users can now add any number of extra signals for the demand sensing with a gradient boosting algorithm. 


Mass Editing in the Manage Master Data App

Users can now create, maintain and delete multiple master data entries directly in the Manage Master Data app. 


Enhancements to the Change History Analysis App

Users can send an automatic notification email by selecting the new Send Email to Users checkbox in the Share dialog. 


New App: Manage Planning Notes

The app can be used to view and delete planning notes created for a specific planning area, version, and scenario. 


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