Top 10 New Features in SAP IBP 2202 Release – A sneak preview
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By: Marleen Sebbaha - February 4th, 2022

Authored by: Andrei Colonescu  

Top 10 New Features in SAP IBP 2202 Release – A sneak preview

SAP has released a Sneak Peek for SAP IBP What’s New 2202. In this blog, we get to check the top 10 features that we are looking forward to learning more about:


1. Deprecated Communication Scenario

The communication scenario SAP Central Fiori Launchpad Integration (SAP_COM_0472) has been deprecated and deleted in order to simplify the integration process.


2. New Extractors for Integrating Maintenance, Repair and Operations Data in Supply Chain Integration Add-Ons

New extractor has been added to support the integration of master data for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO). Important to note that administrators need to set up and configure planning area from scratch as no template is available in the time-series based supply planning.


3. Suppressible Errors Expiring in 2202

Consultants will need to check and ensure the below error will be fixed during this release, as activation with limited scope will no longer work for the mentioned errors.

*S* Calculation &1@&2: Function &3 is not supported.

*S* Calculation &1@&2: Function &3 prevents the optimization of queries.


4. Number of Time Periods Parameter (Coverage Function)

Enhancement to the IBP_Function with the addition of an optional eight parameter called number of time periods. As the name suggest, the parameter is used to define and limit the time window.


5. Copy and Disaggregation Operators No Longer Displayed

Copy (COPY) and disaggregation (DISAGG) operators are no longer displayed in the Planning Operators app and in the Planning Areas app. Going forward the Copy Operator (Advanced) can be used using the Copy Operator Profiles app.


6. Advanced Forecasting with Gradient Boosting – Variable Impact Analysis

A new sample forecast model has been added. The model contains the gradient boosting algorithm along with independent variable for calendar events and marketing budget.


7. Unit of Measure Conversion for Product Components

As components can have different base UoM compare with the parent product, it is recommended to configure the conversion factor for the component.


8. SAP IBP, Add-in for Microsoft Excel: Enhancements to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

SAP provides further API’s to make basic functions of the Excel add-in accessible trough Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) coding.


9. Alternative (Substitute) Resources

Alternative production resources can now be define for the time-series based supply planning optimizer. A production source can now use one or more alternative resources, as well as the original resource. The alternative resources can have different consumption rates. You can also specify costs for the alternative resources to avoid using them unnecessarily.


10. New App: Data Comparison and Reconciliation for RTI

This new app can be used to view and resolve data inconsistencies during real-time integration with SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA system. Using the app, administrators can display the comparison results of the new Real-Time Integration (Reconciliation) application job, and take actions to reconcile inconsistencies.

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