The HOW & WHAT of successful SAP IBP deployment in a Global Consumer Products Company
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By: Krypt Team - July 24th, 2020

Authored by: Vijendra Kargudri

The Market Dynamics

Every decade the market context has witnessed a departure – further away from the traditional means of conducting business. This is very obvious & true in every sense for a global consumer products company.

Global consumer products company is constantly in the eye of the storm and challenged with dynamic market realities and consumer behavior. These along with many other factors impact a consumer products company significantly as compared to companies in other industries.

The Business Challenges

The challenges go beyond just managing the market trends. With multiple factors to be prioritized the company requires to be focused and be ready to quickly pivot from any change in the market with respect to product demand & supply.

To mitigate the challenge in managing the wide-scale complex global operations, balance regional/national level market dynamics while addressing global level priorities by no means an easy task! And, even more challenging is to operate a sustainable business due to significant impact  a global consumer products company has on the environment, societies, communities and even the national economy.

Deploying SAP IBP can help such a company address all the myr challenges and operate sustainably. To know the HOW and WHAT that goes into a successfully deployment of SAP IBP, DOWNLOAD Krypt’s white paper titled – Deploying a successful IBP Process in a Global Consumer Products Company.

How can Krypt help?

Krypt is an SAP preferred partner and has assisted in the success of global businesses across industries & geographies. We have helped businesses through successful integration & implementation of SAP IBP, SAP GTS, SAP TM & SAP EWM.

If you are a global consumer products company looking for successful IBP deployment, and wish to explore more about our products/services, please request a DEMO or do contact us.

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