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What is S&OP and what does it entail?

Have you ever seen the acronym S&OP and wondered what it stood for? S&OP stands for Sales and Operations Planning. It is a popular process that aligns a company’s diverse supply chain functions while balancing supply and demand. The next question you might be wondering about is, what does S&OP entail? We’re glad you asked, continue reading to … Continue reading “What is S&OP and what does it entail?”

By: Team Krypt - August 20th, 2018

A typical day in the life of a Supply Planner

One may wonder what a typical day in the life of a supply planner would be like? Let’s dive deep into the supply chain landscape and understand a supply planner’s role. Supply Chain Landscape The supply chain landscape is dynamic due to various internal and external factors, and is also intrinsically dependent on and driven by product supply … Continue reading “A typical day in the life of a Supply Planner”

By: Team Krypt - August 9th, 2018