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Gain Visibility to Control your Supply Chain

Studies show that nearly half of supply chain leaders do not have good supply chain visibility. Every business’s supply chain involves a great number of assets, processes and stakeholders operating across geographies. And, for every process that occurs across the supply chain, enormous amount of raw data associated to each one of them is generated. … Continue reading “Gain Visibility to Control your Supply Chain”

By: Team Krypt - October 11th, 2018

Challenges with the Modern Supply Chain

Krypt recently returned from the Annual Gartner SCM Conference where we had a chance to attend and take part in various discussions and educational sessions. Inspired by the meaningful discussions, we are going to explore the challenges facing the modern supply chain. Network Complexity, Customer Demand Expectations, and Lack of Visibility rank amongst the top … Continue reading “Challenges with the Modern Supply Chain”

By: Team Krypt - June 12th, 2017