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The hidden lesson in OFAC guidance on “false hit lists”

A recent OFAC press release, and guidance document, offers some good advice, but also risks misleading readers. A careful read of the case and guidance will reveal a hidden lesson to be learned. At first glance, the guidance simply reminds companies to ensure their Sanctioned Party Lists (SPL) are updated and reviewed, and most readers … Continue reading “The hidden lesson in OFAC guidance on “false hit lists””

By: Team Krypt - October 27th, 2015

Reaching New Heights with GTS 11.0

“It was one small bite for man, one giant leap for #NASAVEGGIE” — A tweet yesterday from astronaut Scott Kelly, after he became one of the first to try space-grown lettuce…in space. SAP Global Trade Services 11.0 release may not have reached #NASAVEGGIE level notoriety, but in the trade world, the release of GTS 11.0 is noteworthy. … Continue reading “Reaching New Heights with GTS 11.0”

By: Team Krypt - August 11th, 2015