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Trade Preference Processing with SAP GTS

International trade requires complying with various rules, most of which SAP Global Trade Service can assist with. When importing goods into another country, buyers typically pay duties. Duties are in place to raise money and protect domestic manufacturers from foreign competition. However, two countries may agree to terms wherein they will accept each other’s goods duty … Continue reading “Trade Preference Processing with SAP GTS”

By: Team Krypt - February 10th, 2017

Free Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific region

Preferred or Free Trade Agreements (FTA) offer lower duty rates to participating countries or customs regimes and are a way of opening up foreign markets and reducing barriers while protecting mutual interests. The growth of free trade agreements worldwide is anticipated to grow significantly. Changes to Trade Agreements in the APAC Region The Asia-Pacific region is one of great global economic growth … Continue reading “Free Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific region”

By: Team Krypt - July 13th, 2015