SPL Screening in GTS Best Practices
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By: Team Krypt - September 15th, 2015

Light Bulbs for Best Choice

Sanctioned Party List (SPL) Screening is an extremely powerful functionality of SAP Global Trade Services (GTS). Before addressing best practices, below is a quick summary of the GTS SPL Engine capabilities:

  • GTS deploys a screening algorithm and a TREX fuzzy logic search engine to evaluate partner addresses comparisons to denied parties
  • GTS allows users to screen business partners against denied parties and further analyze and isolate those partners from transactional processing
  • GTS can screen transactions for denied party blocks and dynamic address changes that may result on a positive or false positive match
  • The application provides a number of reports to segregate data and perform audit trail analysis for master data and documents

Now that we know what SPL Screening can do for you, let’s figure out how to best make it work for you. We created a 30 minute video to teach you how to manage the following best practices:

  • Manage content in GTS
  • Manage your daily screening process
    • Screen partners and transactions in SAP GTS
    • Manage Master Data
  • Batch processing (turnkey operations)
  • Performance and maintenance (including archiving)

Watch the full video to learn best practices for your SPL Screening!

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