SAP Watch List Screening and need to integrate with S/4HANA
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By: Krypt Team - November 20th, 2020

Authored by: Vijendra Kargudri


In a competitive eco-system of global trade & supply chain, existence and success of a company totally depends on adherence to strong compliance program. Having an efficient compliance program as part of any business operation helps to build & strengthen a company’s reputation.



Companies with efficient compliance programs are equipped to uphold internal policies and practices that ensure maximum security. These programs examine set rules regarding their industry in order to implement certain procedures, both internally and externally.

Importance of Compliance

A company that unknowingly breaks local laws and regulations risks at being subjected to large regulatory fines, sanctions and penalties. Penalties will create costly delays in business development processes that may cost the company in long-term. In a fast-paced global trade eco-system, companies accidentally break international laws or cause threats to national security through un-screened deal with customers or vendors.

How can Krypt help?

Krypt is an SAP preferred partner and has assisted in the success of global businesses across industries & geographies. We have helped businesses through successful integration & implementation of SAP GTS, SAP IBP, SAP TM & SAP EWM.


If your company is looking to implement a robust compliance program or already have one that needs to be integrated with S/4HANA to reduce the existing IT landscape of your company? Then, please DOWNLOAD Krypt’s white paper titled – SAP Watch List Screening (WLS) Integrated with S/4 HANA to know more about its functionalities, objectives, solutions, advantages & limitations.


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