SAP Transportation Resource Planning (TRP) Explained
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By: Ben Heydahosa - December 3rd, 2021

Authored by: Hariharan Subramanian

SAP Transportation Resource Planning (TRP) Explained

SAP Transportation Resource Planning (TRP) is part of the Digital Supply Chain suite of applications. SAP TRP works closely with SAP TM and SAP CSL. It brings in advanced analytics capabilities that support accurate forecasting along with monitoring resource supply and demand, based on historical data.

General market challenges:

  • How can I manage the supply and demand of containers for my facilities?
  • How to monitor the availability of empty containers on time for loading of goods?
  • How to make sure I am optimizing the movement of empty containers? (Repositioning of empty containers to the nearest location that need it and avoid unnecessary movements)
  • How to find and optimize triangulation opportunities?
  • How to maximize utilization of my resources?
  • How can I increase my service levels?
  • How to reduce demurrages?
  • How to handle service recoveries?

SAP Transportation Resource Planning focuses on cargo/empty flow planning and execution. SAP TRP seamlessly integrates with SAP TM working in conjunction to monitor stock availability, perform supply and demand forecasting, resource planning, resource execution and KPI monitoring.


Benefits of SAP Transportation Resource Planning:

  • Optimize the resource pickup and return by optimizing the locations and dates.
  • Optimize the repositioning of empty resources.
  • Integrate with central logistics system such as SAP TM/CSL.
  • Visibility into detailed data and KPIs about shipping containers and other resources.
  • Avoid/reduce imbalance between headhaul and backhaul.
  • Provide accurate demand forecasts to help planners be precise and efficient.
  • Receive detailed alert information and timely warnings about critical resource situations.
  • Keep track of the current stock and status of your transportation resources according to the type and location. 
  • Monitor resource-relevant key performance indicators.



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