SAP TM Parcel Scenario – shippers’ need of the hour
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By: Krypt Team - February 21st, 2020

Authored by: Shruti Ram

With expansion of e-commerce globally, consumer preferences have moved more towards just-in-time delivery. The variety of delivery options along with the perceived quality of the delivery service are the key-differentiator for such consumers and hence directly impacts the e-commerce landscape.

Most of the time, during the shipping process shippers encounter numerous hurdles – from shipping costs, unavoidable delays, to damaged shipments, and more. This has necessitated to meet consumer’s demands and avoid delivery delays through increase in Parcel shipments to consumers. Parcel scenario in SAP TM enables shippers to plan, carry out carrier selection and also transport parcels to global recipients in a more systematic way.


  • Deliveries created in SAP ERP with Parcel mode as the shipping condition are sent to SAP TM and Freight Units are created
  • SAP determined the Direct Shipment Options (DSO) on the Freight Units to see what is the best way to ship this package and also which carrier is the cheapest carrier to ship this package
  • Direct Shipment options are nothing but all the different shipping options available for the package. System determines these options based on the agreement
  • The system calculates transit duration using agreement created in SAP TM
  • Scheduling is performed by the system based on this transit duration and calendar
  • Execution document consisting of all necessary data is sent to carrier


  • Right time delivery
  • Automatic shipping type and carrier determination. Optimizer automatically picks the right Parcel option to be used for the Shipment, also does carrier selection to pick the cheapest carrier
  • Reduced cost as system determines the most cost-effective way to ship the parcel
  • Since it performs scheduling, it figures out the earliest pickup date and latest delivery date as well
  • Error free

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