SAP Logistics Business Network, Global Track and Trace vs. SAP Event Management
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By: Krypt - June 6th, 2022

Authored by: Nishant shetty  

SAP Logistics Business Network, Global Track and Trace vs. SAP Event Management

Difference between SAP EM and LBN-GTT:

  • SAP has several applicable offerings under the Track and Trace Portfolio which includes SAP Event Management and SAP Global Track and Trace solution. While SAP EM is an On-Premise tool, SAP GTT is a public cloud-based service which allows Joint access and scenario usage. The event processing, visualization, and process handling capabilities are provided for all related and registered parties in GTT.


  • The deployment cycles for new functionalities and features in LBN GTT are much shorter compared with an on-premise version like SAP EM.


  • GTT is a native cloud solution supporting specifically the network aspect of track & trace and sharing visibility among the partners in a supply network. Whereas, EM is a genuine on-premise solution and typically used for scenarios where mainly users internal to a company work with the visibility information.


  • SAP LBN-GTT provides functionalities at par with SAP EM, that is setting up an alert, creating custom tracking models (SO/Delivery/Shipment) with custom milestones and analytics (Intelligent Insights) etc.


  • SAP Global Track and Trace is a quite new tool and hence its usage in all industries currently isn’t possible. The typical use cases that match capabilities and integration paths are provided only for the shipper industries. Whereas SAP EM is an extremely versatile tool and has footprint in many customer implementations across different industries.


  • The Global track and trace option for SAP Logistics Business Network uses open APIs to integrate logistics service providers and carrier networks for increased supply chain visibility and B2B connectivity. For real-time tracking inputs from carriers/network, an out of the box integration is provided with visibility platforms such as p44, ClearMetal etc.


  • LBN-GTT allows Business users to query any tracked process and display its retrieved data from end to end on a map based on its integration with the Geo map service. Different color codes are used for event statuses and event context information. GTT also provides the possibility to integrate with different sensor types, measuring a wide range of parameters for example Temperature and Vibration sensors. Such functionalities are currently not supported by SAP EM.

The below table shows the comparison of SAP Global Track and Trace and SAP Event Management features:


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