SAP Logistics Business Network, Global Track and Trace Explained
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By: Marleen Sebbaha - January 31st, 2022

Authored by: Nishant shetty  

SAP Logistics Business Network, Global Track and Trace Explained


What is SAP Logistics Business Network and Global Track and Trace?

SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN) is SAP’s new collaborative cloud network that provides an environment for Logistics Business partners (Solution owners and data contributors) to work together collaboratively. It is a cloud service solution based on the SAP Business Technology Platform. Global Track and Trace (GTT) is one of several available options in SAP LBN and can be considered as the Cloud-based successor of SAP EM. Its aim is to capture, process and store tracking information about business processes and allow business users to get real-time transparency of the execution of those processes. They can query any tracked process and display its retrieved data from end to end.


What Is The Benefits of SAP Logistics Business Network?

With SAP Global Track and Trace you can get real-time insights into the availability of materials and products to reduce supply chain risks and optimize costs. Delivery and shipment tracking templates can be extended to sales and purchase order fulfillment tracking to monitor and perform exception management on the customer promise. Furthermore, it can use rule-based triggering to automatically detect when certain predefined conditions occur such as significant delay to customer’s order fulfillment or damage to goods. The rules can also be used to trigger follow-up activities such as updating backend systems or sending email notifications to your customer upon order confirmation with a tracking link.

SAP GTT provides event processing, visualization, and process handling capabilities for all related and registered parties. The deployment cycles for new functionalities and features are much shorter compared with an on-premise version. Therefore, existing, updated, and new features that users need to be made aware of are directly accessible through the UI of the SAP Global Track and Trace launchpad start page.


GTT Architecture Overview:gtt

Core Solution Features:


1- Manage Network

Tools for an administrator to join the network, work collaboratively with companies they already know on the network as well as search the network to discover suitable new business partners for future collaboration


2- Manage Model

Create a GTT model to define metadata of a tracked process and to track process and event data, such as parcel ID, shipper/receiver name and location, as well as shipping statuses. The three extensible templates provided by SAP LBN GTT are as follows: Track Sales Order Fulfillment, Track Purchase Order Fulfillment and Track Shipments. You can choose from available tracking templates, extend or model your own tracking scenario.




3- Replicate Master Data

Tools for an administrator to replicate master data (business partner and location) from connected backend systems


4. Process Tracking 

SAP GTT provides out-of-the-box integration into the SAP ERP for different processes which can be tracked, like Deliveries or Shipments/Transportation Order. Track Orders and related Shipment fulfillment milestones with exception management. 


5- Geo Maps Integration

Integration of multimodal geolocation tracking for the shipment or orders with a predictive estimated time of arrival. Planned /Actual events can be tracked on the map.




6- Event to Action

Similar to the Rule Set functionality of SAP EM, SAP LBN GTT provides you the ability to define rules to automatically trigger actions if certain events are processed for a tracked process instance. For example, sending an email notification upon order confirmation to your Customers with a tracking link or notifying stakeholders when an exception occurs.


7- Overdue Event Monitor

The Overdue Event Monitor is a tool used to detect planned events that are overdue on a periodic basis.


8- Manage Onboarding

Tools for an administrator to manage onboarding, configuration and setup


9- Instance-based Authorization

Configure user management using instance-based authorization in your GTT system.

Its purpose is to restrict the business users who can view a particular tracked process instance to only those from business partners that are involved in that tracked process instance.


10- Document Flow

View the document flow and benefit from event correlation between orders, deliveries, shipments and external shipment or logistics asset identifiers.



How can Krypt help you?

Krypt is an SAP preferred partner and has assisted in the success of global businesses across industries & geographies. We have helped businesses through the successful integration & implementation of SAP IBPSAP GTSSAP TM & SAP EWM. If your organization is regularly required to plan supply chain activities on a weekly or monthly basis in advance, then Krypt can help you implement/integrate SAP LBN to quickly analyze & respond to any scenario in near real-time using an informed decision.


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