SAP IBP Response and Supply Planning
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By: Ben Heydahosa - June 3rd, 2022

Authored by: Andrei Lupu  

SAP IBP Response and Supply Planning

SAP IBP Response and Supply helps companies generate a supply plan with the help of operational data and react to short-term changes. Compared to other IBP modules that use time-series planning, Response and Supply uses order-based planning (OBP), which is focused on a short-term view, while considering purchase orders, sales orders, planned orders, and production orders.





How can Krypt help you?


Krypt is a trusted SAP services partner that has created a concept to help companies look holistically at Supply Chain and Global Trade. The Krypt Adaptable Supply Chain is an integrated and streamlined digital supply chain combining Krypt IP and our SME into different business solution areas such as SAP GTS, SAP IBP, SAP TM, SAP EWM and SAP LBN. We can help your company implement an end-to-end, adaptable SAP supply chain that can safeguard against disruptions.

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