SAP IBP Control Tower – Intelligent Visibility
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By: Diana Fajardo - September 20th, 2022

Authored by: Andrei Lupu

SAP IBP Control Tower – Intelligent Visibility 

Enhancing the Intelligent Visibility Map in two simple steps

If you are like us and find the IBP Intelligent Visibility default map a tad too plain, we have good news for you: it can be enhanced free of charge, in two simple steps.

From this:                                                 To this:

Steps to Enhance the Map

1. Register a free account at the HERE platform and generate the Access Key.

  • Register a new account using the following link:
  • Once logged on, head over to Account Settings -> Apps -> Register a new app. You can use “IBP_Maps” as App Name.
  • Access the newly created App account -> API Keys -> Create API Key -> Copy the Key. We will use it in the next step.

2. Set up IBP Communication System & Communication Arrangement

  • Access IBP Fiori Homepage -> Communication Systems app -> New -> Name it “Here_Maps” or any other relevant name -> Host name: “”
  •  Communication Arrangements -> New -> Select “SAP_COM_0583“ Scenario ID. Set the following settings:

– Communication System: Select the “Here_Maps” system

– Provider ID: Select “Here” from the list

– Access Key: Paste the Key generated in Step 1

  • Head to the “Intelligent Visibility” app and refresh the page. The new map will be displayed!


SAP Help: Integrating with Supported External Map Providers Link 

Wiki: Configuring HERE (formerly Nokia, NAVTEQ) maps: 

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