Sanctioned Party List Screening
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By: Team Krypt - August 15th, 2013

Attention SAP GTS compliance users. Does your compliance organization spend countless hours analyzing false positive blocks as a result of your Sanctioned Party List screening (SPL)? Are your blocked business partner reports unmanageable and creating documents blocks, thus holding up the supply chain?

There is a solution. There are many configurable options for optimizing your screening results. These settings determine basis for comparison, matching logic and an emphasis on which address attributes to key on. We at Krypt, Inc. have developed a white paper as well as best practice configuration settings. Is your matching percentage greater than 5%? Would you like to see that lower while still remaining in compliance?

The key is to complement the parallel setting for the matching logic in the control settings in combination with the specific detail control settings for the specific address fields. The most critical settings are the search term origin and display base value. Determining the basis for comparison for each address element and the base value respectively will be key in determining how a match is achieved. In addition it is highly recommended that you deploy the TREX fuzzy logic search engine, which uses the aggregated address comparisons and further optimizes the screening logic.

Customers that have deployed these best practice settings are experiencing a 3% to 8% reduction in false positives.

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