Resource Balance Optimization with SAP Transportation Resource Planning
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By: Marleen Sebbaha - January 14th, 2022

Authored by: Ashish Malik  


In the SAP TRP context, transportation resources refer to containers, ULDs, railcars, trailers or any passive transportation unit used to transport goods from one location to another location. One of the biggest challenges which the supply chain Industry faces is the un-balancing of the Resources at multiple locations both locally and globally.

Here, we would be addressing the issue of resource balancing or Unbalancing stocks of transportation resources which often results into the missing customer orders, delayed shipments and how SAP TRP functionality can be leveraged to solve this issue in a cost effective and optimize way.

For example, a shipping line industry generally faces an issue that is due to imbalance trade, a region like India may have a big surplus of containers while in China containers are in shortage. The shipping line needs to replenish the containers by using available space in the vessels to bring the resources from India to China. Local unbalancing may also occur among container yards located in the same area.


Resource Balance Optimization with SAP Transportation Resource Planning

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Resource balancing in SAP TRP helps users to evaluate the best optimal possible options to relocate the empty containers in order to optimize the availability with minimal transportation cost. In order to achieve this, TRP uses SAP TM network configuration to understand the different available transportation lanes and means of transport to move resources in most cost-effective way.

TRP uses its supply & demand forecast functionality to know in advance the locations with surplus and shortage.


Resource balancing in SAP


Finally, with a click of a button in the TRP system runs the simulation with the activities to be considered to optimize resource balance along with the total cost of the running. Planners can then analyze the proposed activities and make necessary changes if required. Once the planning is complete, TRP automatically transfers this to SAP TM. As a result, Empty resource Freight orders and Freight bookings are created.


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