Prioritizing The User Experience
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By: Team Krypt - August 25th, 2015

Technology Usability

We recognize that high usability means system is easy to learn and remember; efficient,visually pleasing and fun to use. We want to keep the user happy and make their job as pleasant as possible. 

SAP Fiori and Personas can both create an easier to use and easier to view interface while also helping you gather the information you want, without the stuff you don’t. These days we expect a clean UI and intuitive functionality and without it, productivity can take a hit.

Facing Challenges with Poor UX

  • Time and other resource constraints
  • User errors
  • Training costs
  • Internal alignment
  • Change requests

Creating a business case for User Experience

  • Gain productivity by focusing on the end user’s tasks and activities
  • Increase end user satisfaction by making their job easier and tasks more streamlined
  • Increase User Adoption– a desired solution increases the adoption and reduces unused shelf ware in your organization
  • Decrease User Errors – higher data quality and reduced number of manual data corrections
  • Save Training Costs through reduced complexity and latest UI technology
  • Better Alignment – strengthen relationship between Business and IT with collaboration and managed expectations

Krypt UX

  • Role based, personalized, real-time and contextual aggregation point for business applications and analytics
  • Designed according to the simple and intuitive SAP Fiori user experience while supporting established UI technologies
  • Krypt proprietary framework (Personas, Connect, Visibility)

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