Part-1: How the Pharma Industry can optimize distribution performance with SAP EWM
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By: Krypt Team - July 25th, 2019

Authored by: Vijendra Kargudri & Rahul Muthyala


In this Part-1 of the two-part blog entitled on ‘How the pharma industry can optimize distribution performance with SAP EWM’, we shall look into the evolution of the pharma industry and the need to optimize distribution performance.

Evolution of Pharma Industry & its Supply Chain

Though a long drawn one, the pharma industry continues to rapidly grow owing to the constant need to evolve & improve to meet the demands of the global healthcare industry. With the growing population, the demand is constantly on the rise for pharma manufacturers to offer improved medication and its global distribution. This process entails the pharma industry to be in all preparedness to meet the market demands, competition and yet be sustainable. Any pharma company’s preparedness to meet the market demands is possible by accurately forecasting the supply of goods and stock in the inventory.

Challenges of Pharma Industry Supply Chain

With globalization, the pharma industry logistics & supply chains are getting complex, making it important than ever to streamline its operations. Also, there are pharma products that require cold chain transportation and storage, operating between 2-8° C. A robust cold chain capability in the supply chain requires a large network of time and temperature sensors in manufacturing units, warehouses, transportation units, labs, and pharmacies.

An unplanned pharma supply chain can lead to demurrage in delivery, increased costs of handling products, leading to poor quality products. All of this can have a detrimental impact on the consumers & the healthcare industry.

SAP EWM to address the challenges of distribution

SAP EWM provides a wide scope to improve and help meet the supply chain demand of the pharma industry. It focuses on the system-mapping of the following warehouse logistics core processes:

  • Goods receipt: inbound delivery & putaway
  • Warehouse & inventory management: stockholding
  • Goods issue: from picking & packing to outbound delivery

SAP EWM can deliver an end-to-end solution for the highest requirements of warehouse automation to holistically map & address its functional scope and control complexity. In the concluding Part-2 of this blog, we shall explore in what ways can SAP EWM help the pharma industry to process, manage and control the full range of warehouse process.

As a preferred SAP Partner, Krypt has partnered in the success of global businesses by helping them implement SAP EWM. Any global pharma business into trading and a part of a large supply chain can benefit from Krypt’s products/services.

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