Multi-Device SAP GTS Experience for End-Users
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By: Team Krypt - February 25th, 2019

Challenges using SAP GTS User Interface

Krypt Fiori UI

Currently, every cross-border trading is accompanied by a growing number of embargos, sanctions, licenses, legal regulations, customs and compliance documentation. The entire process of managing these is exhaustive and complex in many ways. Any delay in one can have a cascading effect over the ones to follow.

Over the decades, a greater number of businesses that have been using legacy ERPs to manage and run their business have gradually migrated to SAP GTS, which offers them with an end-to-end solution that addresses the mentioned challenges and more.

Even though SAP GTS provides the required solutions, most of the end-users from such businesses aren’t technically qualified nor have hands-on experience to understand and use the SAP GUI — which in today’s term is a legacy interface. Though stable and well-known, it also has a reputation of being a difficult user interface, created before the advent of modern design principles!

The SAP GUI has complex menus that require the use of a keyboard and a mouse. It is linear, and the workflow isn’t structured around end-user’s business logic. A vast majority of individual end-users who execute only a handful of functions won’t find SAP GUI linear structure intuitive or user-friendly. This gets cumbersome when each end-user has a different workflow and business logic. A GUI with intuitive workflow based on different personas makes life easier for end-users working on different functionalities — particularly the ones in non-IT roles. In days to come, more businesses will seek sleek interfaces and workflows within their applications.

Having worked closely with various SAP GTS end-users, Krypt recognized the issues faced by these end-users. To empower such non-IT end-users, Krypt has for the first time created the entire SAP GTS functionality on Fiori. Using Fiori launchpad, the end-user will always be able to stay ahead of the curve and avoid undue delays because they will be able to be more productive, flexible, and mobile.

How will migrating from SAP GTS UI to Krypt’s SAP GTS Fiori app help you?

There are various facets of Fiori that will empower an existing end-user of SAP GTS, some of which we shall explore below:

1) Offers Intuitive Workflow – Processes and end-users working with accounting, sales/marketing, and human resources are non-IT. As such, their roles don’t require an in-depth technical knowledge of SAP but requires them to understand how SAP structured workflow is, in order to use it.
Krypt’s SAP Fiori app offers simplistic user workflow, structured around business logic and not SAP logic. This will make life easier for your workforce — particularly for non-technical users. It also means you don’t have to force end-users in non-IT roles to gain SAP experience.
2) Be Productive – Krypt’s SAP Fiori app is designed around productively executing most common tasks in an organized manner for each specific persona. With streamlined, intuitive workflow it helps monitor input functionality that shortens the process time by almost a whopping 64%.
3) Unbridled Flexibility – Krypt Fiori app’s systematized interface coupled with its comprehensible design philosophy allows any end-user to quickly grasp various functionalities easily. Once the user understand the basic way it is structured, it allows unbridled flexibility to the end-users to harness their skills and businesses with an ability to meet business-specific needs by adding or removing tasks for different roles.
4) Improved Morale – Improved flexibility and productivity extends to improved morale amongst the end-users of Fiori, as they no longer squander majority of their time searching and navigating around menus, filling forms and entering commands in a complicated interface. With high morale, end-users will be more productive and engaged at work, which will positively affect the business and its customers. Working on Fiori isn’t tedious, due to reduced redundant tasks, and an appealing easy-to-use workflow.
5) Complete Mobility – The ability to be mobile is a must in today’s business world. Fiori’s responsive and adaptive design will help businesses adapt to its mobile model, allowing end-users access to complete SAP GTS functionalities from anywhere on any mobile device – cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. End-users from supply chain working remotely on the floor can leverage real-time visibility to improve response time and thereby offer better customer service, fulfillment, and efficiency. Likewise, the sales and marketing department can benefit from real-time product and pricing information to improve sales.
6) Negligent Development Need – SAP Fiori library provides thousands of apps with a wide range of business cases. There are also less frequent situations where SAP Fiori tenants will require to develop their own in-house tools. This benefits businesses with complex or niche workflows to customize it based on the end-user’s workflow.
7) Better UI/UX – Any user can benefit from a better and faster user experience. Krypt Fiori app offers a more intuitive and efficient UI experience that is device agnostic. Fiori UI/UX is lean and simplistic and is tailored around the end-user’s capabilities.

Benefits of Krypt’s Fiori App

Krypt’s Fiori app can be utilized by end-users from anywhere and at any time. It has the ability to harness your business resources across processes and optimize production, inventory, and supply chain, resulting in improved efficiency, top-notch customer service, and an increased bottom line.

If you wish to have a demo or know more about our product, please contact us.

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