Meeting the LVS Exception using GTS
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By: Team Krypt - May 24th, 2016

One Red Stop Light For Exception

Managing the LVS License Exception requires meeting some basic rules:

  • the single shipment of eligible commodities does not exceed the “LVS value limit” on the CCL
  • the exception is available for all destinations in Country Group B of the CCL
  • orders to the same ultimate or intermediate consignee must not exceed the annual limit

Managing this in SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) is fairly simple for the first two requirements.  This is done by setting the LVS Exception (GTS License master) using the Low Value Limit (set a maximum allowed value for the license) with check objects of Business Partner, ECCN, and Country of Destination.  Note: In GTS 11.0, you have the ability to track value at the ECCN level.

The third rule, tracking annual consumption for ultimate or intermediate consignee, is a little trickier but can be done using the standard GTS agreement process. The LVS exception is created with reference to the LVS agreement.

Using the GTS Agreement gives you the ability to track the annual depreciation (2) while the LVS Exception (license) tracks the LVS value limit shipment threshold (1).


The depreciation can be seen in the license and the agreement which allows the user an efficient means of tracking the totals for annual reporting.

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