Material Traceability of multi-ingredient products using SAP LBN
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By: Krypt Team - September 11th, 2021

Authored by: Vijendra Kargudri

Multi-ingredient Product transportation challenges 

Many finished products are manufactured with multi-ingredient sourced and shipped from different geographies. When such ingredients are of perishable nature, prolonged disruption in their transit time can cause irreplaceable wastage. The stakeholders across the supply chains aim to have a mutually sustainable business. The major challenge every stakeholder faces is the ability to trace the material being transported in real-time. Without real-time data related to demurrage, disruption, accurate ETD & ETA it gets really challenging.

SAP LBN – Material Traceability Option

SAP Logistics Business Network, material traceability option is a blockchain application, which aids food companies to trace multi-ingredient products across geographies and from farm to consumer.

It offers end-to-end supply-chain product traceability and recall management through SaaS offering. It creates a trust chain across an n-tiered material value chain, right from raw material batch origin to finished product.

Through a collection of material genealogy data from across a product’s supply chain, the SAP LBN material traceability option facilitates the handling of quality issues and recalls fast, coordinated, and accurately. Through the material traceability option, companies can provide their customers with information about a product’s origin.

Material Traceability option provides –

  • Supply Chains connection for improved visibility
  • Role-Based Access to every stakeholder
  • Streamlining recalls

How can Krypt help you?

Krypt is a ‘one-stop shop’ for supply chain & global trade solutions with a global footprint. Our in-house solutions and pre-packed solutions for SAP TM, SAP IBP, SAP EWM, and SAP GTS, are an outcome of our long-term innovation, technology know-how, and sustained customer engagement across 35 countries.

Our team of SAP TM experts can help you with a rapid & cost-effective integration/implementation of SAP LBN across disparate systems. If you wish to know more, please request a free demo or contact us.

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