Leverage 90-day SAP LBN free license to mitigate COVID-19 crisis
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By: Krypt Team - April 13th, 2020

Authored by: Hariharan Subramanian

Most businesses across the globe have been facing disruptions especially to their Supply Chain. They have been facing unprecedented delays and congestion crisis. Due to lockdown, many of them have no manpower to clear the backlog. Various packages have been stranded at isolated geographies/locations.

Shippers ought to have a quick turnaround and counter this inevitable downturn in the business and stay sustainable in this trying time.

Here is how Krypt can help you sail through this difficult time.

You are already on SAP TM? Here is how Krypt can help you:

Transportation Network Re-haul

  • Tools to analyse the End-to-End Transportation Impact
  • Enabling New Carriers quickly
  • Update or create new Transportation Lane with the Krypt enablers
  • Enable Spot quotes
  • Re-calibrate Business Shares and Transportation Allocation
  • Enablers that will make your supply chain more agile

Logistics Business Network

Are you currently having a lot of manual processes and it is impacting the social distancing needs? Here are some suggestions:

  • Avoid Physical papers, Invoices and move on to the digital platform so your tendering and settlement processes are paperless. You are also able to handle the disputes online
  • For trucking you have alternate ways to fetch spot loads. Enable Uber freight / Insta freight integration and get the best prices for your trips in the competitive market
  • Leverage SAP’s 90-day free licensing offer for LBN. Krypt will help you enable these features quickly within weeks. Post 90-day if you see business benefit then you can continue

You do not have SAP TM? Here is how Krypt can help you:

Is your TMS legacy application out of date and you are looking at modernizing your Transportation Management System? Here are our suggestions:

  • Krypt is an SAP Partner and we offer a variety of Rapid Deployment Solutions
  • We can implement is Standard out of the box solution for you within 14 weeks
  • You also have options to sign-up for Cloud based products where the system is pre-configured and we just need to enable it for you
  • There are no hassles of Infrastructure and licensing etc., It is based on SaaS and you just pay subscription fees
  • We also have our own proprietary Innovation products that will accelerate the adaptation and also provide value for you from best practices standpoint

As an SAP preferred partner we have helped global businesses across industries implement  SAP TM,  SAP GTS, SAP IBP, and SAP EWM to improve their bottom line.

If you are a business looking for a quick & comprehensive solution to minimize unforeseen risks, be sustainable and explore more about our products/services, please

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