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By: Team Krypt - November 11th, 2014

In today’s business world of globalization, corporations struggle to get a clear picture of their supply chain operations, inefficiencies, and areas of improvement. Krypt Visibility (VISCOR™) is Krypt’s proprietary tool to gain insight into Supply Chain operations.

Krypt Visibility has various dashboards to meet your needs. The Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) dashboard allows users to view various reports on their warehouse. These reports can be customized to meet your specific needs. Some of the report options include Inbound Delivery Items, Pallet Picking and Total Pick Report, Putaway Report, and various Stock Items reports.

Krypt Visibility (VISCOR™) is easily configurable to extend its functionality both in terms of the system in your landscape and any custom reporting requirements in your company. Furthermore, pre-built reports and KPIs are based on industry best practices and Alerts and KPIs can be leveraged for immediate proactive measures.

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