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By: Krypt Team - April 13th, 2020

The Pandemic

The Coronavirus has caused global devastation over the last couple of months creating a worldwide health crisis affecting the well-being of the citizens of nearly every country on the planet. In addition to the disastrous effects on our daily lives, this pandemic has also had catastrophic consequences for organizations, particularly companies doing business globally.

The Supply Chain & Global Trade impacts are being felt by every business, whether there is an extreme fluctuation on-demand and imports/exports or travel restrictions/bans requiring a rapid shift in suppliers. Now that people are being told (and sometimes forced by their governments) to stay home and practice social distancing when they must go out of their house, many businesses are shutting their doors permanently or laying off large percentages of their workforce just to stay afloat. Companies are struggling to manage their global trade and supply chains during this trying time.

The Impact on Global Trade and Supply Chain

Many of our customers have large amounts of imports and exports, and over the years the majority of manufacturing has been outsourced to China to cut costs and stay competitive. As Wuhan, China was the epicenter of the Coronavirus, many companies have been forced to shift gears quickly and make rapid changes to their supply chains and imports/exports to maintain their business processes. With the virus spreading like wildfire across the world, more and more nations are closing their borders, creating travel restrictions and more issues for supply chain and global trade managers. Read More

Mitigation Strategies & Solutions

Krypt is ready and able to assist our customers in these uncertain times. As the leading SAP Supply Chain and Global Trade solutions providers, Krypt is offering the following solutions for companies directly affected by COVID-19:

  • 100% Remote Delivery – Don’t put off your critical projects because of social distancing or travel restrictions. Krypt has the experience, expertise, and digital tools to deliver your projects completely remotely with Krypt Digital Strategy 360.
  • 90 Day Free SAP License – SAP is offering 90 days free of SAP IBP and SAP LBN solutions. Krypt can assist with a rapid-deployment solution to get you up and running to leverage this free offer and help you manage the effects of COVID-19
  • On-Demand Support – Krypt offers Krypt Concierge, which is on-demand expert support for our customers. With offices and experts around the world, we can offer 24/7 support to our customers during this trying time
  • Rapid Deployment Solutions – Krypt has pre-configured rapid-deployment solutions to help you leverage SAP’s Supply Chain and Global Trade Solutions quickly and less expensively. We offer rapid deployment for SAP GTS, IBP, TM, and EWM.
  • Free Consulting Services – Krypt is offering 8 hours of free Global Trade and Supply Chain consulting services to our customers. This Krypt Concierge offer expires June 30th so contact us today if you’re interested in free expert consultation from Krypt.
  • Free Artificial Intelligence – Until June 30th Krypt is offering a free KAI Auditing Service using supervised machine learning to provide customers with more accurate and efficient auditing of pain areas like product classification. Learn more about the KAI Audit Service.

Whether you just need some expert advice, or you need a critical project done quickly, Krypt has your back. We will think outside of the box to help you find a solution for any global trade or supply chain problem you are having.

About Krypt

Krypt is ready & able to assist our customers in these uncertain times. As a leading SAP Supply Chain and Global Trade solutions provider, Krypt can assist with business consulting, supply chain and/or global trade assessments/workshops, 100% remote delivery of critical projects, rapid deployment solutions for global trade, supply chain planning, transportation management or warehouse management.

What Makes Krypt Different?

Krypt is the leading global partner for SAP Supply Chain & Global Trade Solutions. While we provide our customers with a global team of experts, we focus exclusively on the areas of Global Trade & Supply Chain, making us the premier partners for your SAP project. We develop custom solutions and innovative services such as our AI offering K.AI, our blockchain services, and our remote delivery capabilities. In addition, we provide end-to-end service and support for our customers through business consulting, implementations, integrations, development, maintenance, and support. We solve your Global Trade & Supply Chain challenges.

If you are a business looking for a quick & comprehensive solution to minimize unforeseen risks and are interested to explore more about our products/services, please request a DEMO or do contact us.


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