Ingredients to success – through the clients’ eyes
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By: Team Krypt - September 29th, 2015

Recipe Ingredients

Over the years, Krypt has helped numerous enterprises implement, upgrade and customize their supply chain. We have gone through the journey with customers from blueprinting to implementation to support; we have taken on failed projects from other implementation partners and rescued the customer’s project, bringing it to fruition. From a vast array of industries, organizational structures and project requirements, we learned how to help our customers be successful.

If you have worked with us, you know that we take care of our customers. Meeting requirements and finishing the project on time and within budget are paramount. We know our secret sauce for success as an implementation partner; but as a customer, what do you need to be on the lookout for?

In speaking with our customers, we have summarized a list of  ingredients for a successful implementation from the customer perspective.

  • Team member commitment
  • Involve impacted employees early on
    • Key stakeholders from Business, IT, Legal, Logistics, and Customer Relations
  • Define roles. Identify and allocate internal resources early
    • Able to learn new processes and help with acceptance testing
    • Super User concept
  • Flexible decision-maker during the project
    • Some saw this as the compliance manager, others as a Business “Referee” to make quick decisions on Business Process and Master Data issues
  • Do not underestimate Solution Blueprinting or Training
  • Choose implementation partner with the experience, tools, and flexibility to deliver a complete solution
  • Leverage knowledge and experience from past projects
  • Planned and systematic Cut-Over and Go-Live activities

What is your recipe for success?

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