Being the largest and the most labor-intensive sector in the world, in terms of dollar value, the Oil & Gas Industry is a global powerhouse. It employs hundreds of thousands of workers and generates hundreds of billions of dollars globally each year. The worlds dependence on oil & gas has increased year-on-year as global economies & infrastructure depend heavily on petroleum based products. These factors contribute to the unique challenges faced by this industry. Krypt has developed custom Global Trade & Supply Chain solutions to help address these challenges. Get a free demo below

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Oil & Gas
Supply Chain & Global
Trade Challenges
Ongoing geo-political troubles in Venezuela & Iran, and Qatar's exit from OPEC has impacted global oil & gas supply.
Ongoing geo-political troubles impacting global oil and gas supply
Expanding Trade disputes to include not just Asia, but also Europe, coupled with high debts & weak currencies in several countries are not
Expanding trade disputes impacting global supply chains
The oil & gas industries in few nations like the UK, have no standardization of requirements for collecting, maintaining, and distributing data. The inability to share information across the supply chain dramatically impacts efficiency.
Inability to share data across supply chain impacting efficiency
Industry Specific Facts
oil and gas industry specific facts
As per estimates, around 30 billion barrels are consumed globally each year, primarily by developed countries. Oil also accounts for a significant percentage of energy consumption regionally. Europe & Asia (32%), North America (40%), South America (44%), Africa (41%), and Middle East (53%).

By 2020 the prices for crude oil will drop more than 10% due to weak demand (a result of slower global growth) and surging supply (oil production expanding by 1.9 million barrels a day) versus 2019 - more than half of which will come from the U.S.
Krypt Expertise
Krypt understands the unique challenges faced by organizations in the Oil and Gas Industry globally. We have leveraged our experience with our Oil and Gas customers to develop custom solutions to address the specific pain points of these companies. Our solutions help organizations to improve Global Trade and Supply Chain processes, mitigate risks and lower operational costs. They also help you automate your systems and plan for the future. Check out the below white paper for more information.

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Nilesh Shimpi

SAP Solution Architect

Brings extensive experience of working on multiple Oil & Gas Industry projects, providing customers key insight/direction related to industry trends, best practices, understanding how Global Trade Services fit into their roadmap and what functionality to leverage to meet their business requirements.

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Success Stories
Krypt's partnership with Albemarle, especially in automating our freight settlement, allowed us to optimize both our internal and external customer experiences and operate at peak processing efficiency on a global level. Also through reporting and visibility automation, we were able to drive out a lot of errors and oversights.

Lisa Entrekin - Logistics Technology & Network Optimization, Albemarle
Once the business team determined to go with TM & GTS integration, partner selection was our next crucial step. After several demo's, evaluations and deep dive RFP sessions, we chose to go with Krypt. Being a Live project, Krypt team has been really great partners with JBS in relation to understanding our processes and challenges as a company.

Prathvi Kotian - Technology Analyst, SCM, JBS
There are certain products in the SAP landscape which still needs a boutique approach to like GTS. There are only a handful of players and Krypt is one of them. I really recommend Krypt to be part of your RFP Process.

Rhett Fuller - Associate Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Thank you for consistently demonstrating the level of dedication that has been helping to make our program successful.

Doug Whitman - Director, Global Trade Compliance & GTS Global Process, 3M
I wanted to thank Krypt for your many contributions these past few months in support of our Brexit deployment. Krypt's efforts have been instrumental in helping 3M's Trade Compliance Organization navigate through a good deal of uncertainity.

John Hickman - Chief Product Owner, Global Trade Services, 3M
Krypt Inc - our trusted partner - delivers innovation to the SAP Global Trade space by providing SAP's GTS on the cloud. Krypt's Cloud offering along with Krypt Connect will allow any company, irrespective of size, industry or application platform, to leverage SAP GTS's superior Trade functionality.

Kevin McCollom - Group Vice President, General Manager - SAP Governance, Risk, Compliance Solutions, SAP
As the Project Manager for SAP Global Trade Services at Varian Medical Systems, I can very honestly say that Krypt exceeded our expectations. Our project had a very rocky start as we originally partnered with another vendor as our Solution Integrator; but at the end of the Blueprinting Phase we excused that other vendor and worked directly with Krypt - which turned out to be a very wise decision. Krypt did an excellent job working with our very complicated supply chain which includes several different Business Units and plants around the globe - all of which have different Business Processes in the Supply Chain.

Jason Jester - Manager Enterprise Applications, Varian Medical Systems
The evidence of the quality of work of the whole Krypt team have invested in our Worldwide Exports and European Imports SAP GTS 10.0 deployment is visible in the LACK OF POST PRODUCTION ISSUES!

Mike Zill - EVP and CIO and Don Abbey, EVP QRA, CareFusion
Pelican products was able to consolidate all the trade processes within one system using SAP GTS. Krypt helped deploy a Rapid and Robust Solution with complete automation of export documentation, which lead to 80% time savings from the manual declarations.

Paul Sohn - Business Applications Manager, Pelican Products Inc.
The Krypt team's technical expertise, thoroughness and speed of delivery ensured that we could get the comprehensive functionality we needed from SAP Global Trade Services in the shortest possible time.

Siva Narayanan - Maritime, Warehousing, and Logistics Manager, Rhodia Inc.
Graybar implanted SAP GTS 10.0 using Krypt's rapid implementation methodology. Thanks to Krypt, the project was successfully completed on-time and on-budget with Krypt and Graybar business, technical and ABAP resource collaboration.

Paul Unruh - Director, Business Technology, Graybar Electric