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By: Team Krypt - August 17th, 2015

Group Productivity

SAP Screen Personas allows companies to improve user productivity by personalizing their SAP ERP screens. By removing fields you don’t use, converting to drop down menus, and automating recurring keystrokes, the user can tap into a more enjoyable experience.

With more intuitive SAP screens, you are providing the right information to the right users in the right context. As a result, they can get more done in less time with greater accuracy. SAP Screen Personas is one of many ways to improve SAP usability.

In order to better understand the value, we have created a quick Use Case for Personas with SAP Global Trade Services (GTS).

Challenge: Compliance officer received email from order processing team about a order begin blocked in GTS

Step 1: Enter the order or shipment number and execute.


Step 2: Compliance officer review the block reason; The order is blocked for SPL , embargo.


Compliance officer decided to release block.

Step 3: Compliance officer releases the blocked business partner or blocked document for embargo from this transaction without backing out.


Embargo Block is released.


Easy as 1, 2, 3.

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