How SAP Transportation Management helped Postal Industry modernize its services?
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By: Krypt Team - July 17th, 2020

Authored by: Vijendra Kargudri

Postal Industry

Before the advent of telecommunication & e-mail, for centuries, global communication was through the written posts. Globally, the postal industry catered to the distribution of written letters through a multi-modal network, to the remotest part of the land. The process being manual, was slow & inefficient.

Today, in the digitalized world, the written & physical mode of communication is as good as extinct due to the availability of technologically advanced & real-time communication through e-mail & smartphone connectivity using social media apps/platforms.

Market evolution

Over the last decade, the postal industry has witnessed transformation & diversification owing to the emergence of digitalization and e-commerce. The revenue through postal mails has declined drastically, forcing the postal industry to gradually transition to digitalization & e-commerce.

Many continue their operations using legacy systems built on disparate & inefficient technologies. This is more obvious in the transportation department that supports the e-commerce arm of the postal industry – catering to the movement of goods, gifts, mails, etc. In the e-commerce delivery segment, the private players are rapidly evolving and offer fierce competition to the postal industry, driving them to continuously innovate and develop new offerings.

How can Krypt help?

Krypt is an SAP’s preferred partner for integration & implementation of SAP GTS, TM, IBP, and EWM. If you are part of the postal industry using a legacy system and are looking to ramp up to a future-ready technology, then, DOWNLOAD Krypt’s white paper titled – Modernizing the Postal Industry using SAP Transportation Management.

Get an insight into various specialized functionalities of SAP Transportation Management that helped the postal industry modernize their e-commerce offerings.

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