How does WCO affect international trade?
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By: Marleen Sebbaha - January 20th, 2022

Authored by: Will Thrasher  

Global Trade Changes Are Coming! How Does WCO Affect International Trade?

A new year can bring a fresh start, new goals, and for those of us in Global Trade, new challenges! On January 27th, Customs will publish the latest updates to the US HTS codes based on the 2022 WCO changes. We were given a preview in April 2021, but now is a good time to make sure you’re prepared for the changes and to make sure your classifications are in a healthy state of compliance.


What You Need To Know Right Now? 

Managing classifications from multiple classifiers across multiple locations and often across multiple product lines can be a daunting task even without the widespread changes coming soon. It’s incredibly easy to develop inconsistencies in classifications over time. Maybe you’ve had turnover in your classification group, or you’ve had a large acquisition and inherited classifications. And let’s face it, going back and reviewing old classifications is the last thing on your priority list. You have enough on your plate as it is! But the WCO changes are staring us in the face, so there is no better time than now to review the state of your tariff classifications. 


KAI’s Health Check Analysis Will Help Prepare You For The 2022 WCO Tariff Changes.

KAI’s Health Check Analysis will find inconsistencies in your existing classifications, offer suggested tariff classification alternatives, and give you unprecedented insight into the integrity of your trade data that could be critical ahead of the 2022 tariff changes. Most critically, leveraging KAI’s technology allows you to ensure accuracy and compliance while saving critical time to allow you to maintain focus on other priorities. 

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How can Krypt help you?

Krypt is an SAP preferred partner and has assisted in the success of global businesses across industries & geographies. We have helped businesses through the successful integration & implementation of SAP IBP, SAP GTS, SAP TM & SAP EWM. If your organization is regularly requires to plan supply chain activities on a weekly or monthly basis in advance, then Krypt can help you implement/integrate SAP IBP to quickly analyze & respond to any scenario in near real-time using an informed decision.


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