Gain Visibility to Control your Supply Chain
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By: Team Krypt - October 11th, 2018

Visibility to Supply Chain

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Studies show that nearly half of supply chain leaders do not have good supply chain visibility. Every business’s supply chain involves a great number of assets, processes and stakeholders operating across geographies. And, for every process that occurs across the supply chain, enormous amount of raw data associated to each one of them is generated. The most challenging part is making sense out of this data in a way that is easily understood by each stakeholder at various stages of the supply chain.

This can be conceived only through a holistic solution that can analyze such enormous and disparate data and coherently present it in the form of reports, graphs and tables through custom dashboards at various stages of the supply chain process. In doing so the business can empower each of its stakeholder with end-to-end visibility.

For every process, the extent of visibility available to all the people involved within and across any process determines its success. Having visibility helps businesses take proactive actions through informed planning and decisions, to operate efficiently at every stage, and reduce costs involved. If you wish to explore more about how and in what ways Krypt Visibility solution can improve your supply chain, and how it can complement SAP Transport Management (TM), then read our whitepaper entitled “Krypt Visibility for SAP Transportation Management”.

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