Facing globalization with global trade screening
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By: Team Krypt - November 4th, 2015

Global Markets and International Trade

Globalization is not just a trend; globalization is the dominant business model. Competition, cost, market and political drivers can all be credited with this shift in both mindset and expectation. As a result we are seeing new patterns of trade emerge. Expansive markets bring additional, larger hurdles. Logistics challenge these barriers by allowing your organization to:

  • Expand into new global markets
  • Improve your customer’s experience
  • Drive greater operational efficiency
  • Mitigate risks and develop business contingency plans
  • Gain a competitive advantage through your supply chain

Since globalization isn’t slowing down, we must confront barriers head on with a logistics tool that enables you to identify risk and ensure compliance through the supply chain process. SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) has screening capabilities for ensuring supply chain security and compliance in spite of market expansion. SAP GTS does this by helping businesses comply with government laws that prohibit dealing with parties (individual and organizations) which are sanctioned by government agencies.  If you would like to learn about screening in SAP GTS, watch our 30 minute video for an overview and best practices.

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