Extending the Visibility of Supply Chain using Analytic Stories from SAP LBN- Intelligent Insights
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By: Ben Heydahosa - December 27th, 2021

Authored by: Mohamed Shakeel

Extending the Visibility of Supply Chain using Analytic Stories from SAP LBN- Intelligent Insights

SAP LBN Intelligent Insights option – Dashboard/Analytic Stories

Supply Chain Visibility

The Pandemic has severely impacted companies globally, especially in the area of supply chain management. Lockdowns lead companies to a lack of resources, resulting in a significant rise of demand on essentials, decrease in production and an increase in transportation cost. Companies with low visibility into their supply chains are at risk of impact on managing the sourcing of the materials, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation of the goods.

In order to be more prepared for uncertain situations in the future, digitizing supply chain management and centralizing the systems in use makes it easier for organizations to adapt to the changing environment. Transforming the business with an integrated landscape can bring many opportunities. This can be achieved by removing the wall between siloed operations and getting better insights on your entire supply chain, therefore, helping you plan and react appropriately to changing situations.

How does SAP LBN Intelligent Insights work and how can it help?

SAP LBN (Logistics Business Network) is a subscription-based cloud platform that allows you to enable collaboration, tracking and traceability fast. SAP LBN Intelligent Insights is the analytics layer that runs on top of the entire SAP LBN data. It helps you visualize the execution of your supply chain from start to finish through dashboard stories, real-time analysis and risk alert monitoring.

What are dashboard stories

Dashboard stories are highly customizable views that visualize the data of your supply chain in stories format while running real-time computation on this data, to generate actionable KPIs.

Stories are of 3 types:

  • Predefined Stories
  • User-Defined Stories
  • Linked Stories

What are predefined stories?

Predefined stories are the dashboard stories that are set-up by SAP and they come out-of-the-box in the Intelligent Insights.

Logistics Execution Insights: It provides the information related to shipment status (Eg: Overall Shipment Status, In-Execution Status, Delivery Pick-up activities etc).


Image: Logistic Execution Insights


Logistic Performance Insights: It provides the information related to the shipper and carrier performance (Eg: Carrier Performance, Activity time, Transit time).


Image Logistic Performance Insights


Can we create our own dashboards stories?

Yes, you can. Introducing User-Defined Stories.


What are User-Defined Stories?

User-Defined stories comes with embedded analytic toolsets where you can create your own dashboard stories. It allows you to represent the data in charts, tables, designer view, multi-dimensional graphs, map view etc.


Images: Map View


What are Linked Stories?

Linked stories is the configurable standard exit of Intelligent Insights to link analytical reports into LBN from external sources such as SAP’s Analytics Cloud (or SAC in short). With this additional capability, Intelligent Insights can be expanded with even non-LBN data to generate further enriched all-encompassing analytics dashboards for maximum visibility.



SAP LBN Intelligent Insights option helps businesses to visualize information fed by many data points in user-friendly, flexible analytics stories. It also identifies the bottlenecks, inefficient sources, or potential risks, so that action is taken, in advance.


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