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By: Marleen Sebbaha - March 8th, 2022

Krypt is excited to be participating in Espresso Tutorial Conference as an Event Partner on March 23, 2022 from 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM EST. 


What’s in there for you?


Key topics in SAP GTS 11.0, SAP GTS and SAP HANA.


  • 09:00 AM EST – SAP GTS, edition for SAP HANA – What’s new?
    -Compare and contrast SAP GTS 11.0 to SAP GTS, edition for SAP HANA
    -Upgrade considerations
    Kai Seela, Vice President, Krypt and Mukesh Mahajan, Solution Director, Krypt
    With the new SAP GTS Edition for SAP HANA, many customers have questions about how this might differ from SAP GTS 11.0 and what it will include. This session will help to explain the SAP Roadmap for these products, explain the similarities and differences, and help determine which is right for you. Learn more in this informative session.


  • 01:00 PM EST – How effectively managing SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) can enable smooth end-to-end supply chain processes
    Jason Severson, Sr. Solution Director, Krypt
    The past couple of years have proven that a resilient and adaptable supply chain can make or break a company. With disruptions ranging from a global pandemic to a ship stuck in a canal, companies’ supply chains must be prepared and agile in order to survive. Safeguard your company against future disruptions and prepare your supply chain for the future with Krypt Adaptable Supply Chain Powered by SAP Digital.


  • 02:00 PM EST – Self filing vs. broker filing – what is the best option for your company?
    Naresh Makhijani and Frederik Pena-Tolivia, Solution Directors, Krypt
    During this session we will provide an overview of the self-filing vs Broker Filing functionality, described common customer challenges and show how to implement the functionality to provide our customers with measurable ROI.



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