Dock Appointment Scheduling in SAP EWM
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By: Team Krypt - July 24th, 2014

SAP Dock Appointment Scheduling is a new add-on feature which can be utilized with SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) 9.0 and 9.1.

Dock Appointment scheduling can be used to plan vehicle arrivals at your warehouse efficiently. This provides workload levelling for the warehouse, and more efficient planning for carriers, so they can reduce the time vehicles have to wait at warehouses.

SAP Dock Appointment Scheduling allows you to collaborate with the parties involved in an appointment; chosen carriers can plan their own appointments directly in your system. In doing so, wait time is significantly decreased and bottlenecks at the warehouse are minimized. Vehicles will no longer arrive only to wait around because there are no available docks or staff. Furthermore, it also helps the carriers to plan their transport more efficiently.

SAP Dock Appointment Scheduling as a Standalone Solution

You can implement SAP Dock Appointment Scheduling as a standalone solution, allowing you to manage the loading appointments at your warehouse without any reference to SAP Extended Warehouse
Management (SAP EWM).
This feature permits you to carry out the following tasks:

  • Plan the time and capacity available for groups of docks with similar technical characteristics
  • Schedule appointments for vehicles
  • Allow carriers to plan their own appointments in the system
  • Control appointment processing (i.e. setting the status of the vehicle)
  • Easily and quickly alter appointments when changes in circumstances arise
  • SAP Dock Appointment Scheduling Integrated with SAP EWM

Another great feature is the ability to integrate SAP Dock Appointment Scheduling with SAP EWM. In fact, it enhances SAP EWM by adding extra functionality to better manage the docks of the warehouse. Integrating SAP Dock Appointment Scheduling with SAP EWM allows the system to automatically create tasks connected to the appointments in SAP EWM.

Interested in activating this functionality? Email and we’ll tell you how.

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