Setting up SPL Screening with SAP HANA Search
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By: Team Krypt - May 10th, 2017

Amongst all the improvements in SAP GTS 11.0, Sanction Party List (SPL) might be the most affected existing functionality within SAP GTS. SAP HANA’s in-memory functionality means that key processes are experiencing improved performance – SPL search algorithm being a prime example. Below is an example of Sanction Party List Screening in SAP GTS 10 and a model of SPL screening in GTS 11.

SPL with SAP GTS 10

Existing SPL screening with SAP GTS 10.0 and 10.1


SAP GTS 11.0 with Sanction Party List on HANA

SAP GTS 11.0 with Sanction Party List on HANA

Working in the SAP GTS System

With SAP GTS 10.0 and 10.1, the SPL Screening enables 15+ customizable settings and while it is flexible, it does require additional knowledge.


SPL with SAP GTS 11.0 on HANA commonly uses SAP HANA Fuzzy Search algorithm and is simplified to four search parameters to control SPL engine.



Setting up SPL with SAP GTS 11.0 & HANA

When setting up Sanction Party List Screening with SAP GTS 11.0, you will have three options:

  • Classic SPL algorithm within SAP GTS
  • TREX search along with classic SPL algorithm
  • SAP HANA Search

The first two choices listed do not require configuration changes and are the same as what previous TREX versions offered. The third is new to GTS 11.0 and also requires HANA. Setting up SPL with HANA is much simpler and requires fewer steps.

Sanctioned Party List Screening in SAP GTS 11.0 offers three search algorithms.

Each algorithm has its own Customizing activity under “Define Comparison Procedure”:


When looking at the last Comparison Procedure, Define Comparison Procedure for SAP HANA Search, you’ll need to select “Activate SAP HANA Search” in order to utilize SPL with HANA Search.


After activating HANA Search, there are a few search parameters which should be defined, as seen below:


To better understand the search parameters, check out the follow up blog which dissect each of these a little more and look at a few examples of how this might work.

Other Benefits of SPL Screening with SAP HANA Search

After updating the Sanction Party List data content there are some important benefits inherent to SAP HANA Search as part of simplifying the overall process.

First of all, SPL on HANA with GTS 11.0 can screen up to six times faster than traditional SPL screening.

HANA Search has eliminated the intermediate steps previously involved in SPL screening. Previously, after uploading SPL data content, you would have to reset the application buffer, generate comparison terms for SPL, aggregate comparison terms, and transfer comparison terms to TREX, all before running your SPL screening. The reduced logs, monitors and transactions greatly reduces the complexity and time involved in screening.

Furthermore, screening results are simplified in SAP HANA Search. With a detailed analysis for Sanction Party List entries, the visibility into your results and documented score logic makes your results easier to understand.


For an in depth look at using SAP HANA Search as well as other functionalities of SAP GTS 11.0, you can pick up a copy of Part 1 and Part 2 of the Practical Guide to SAP GTS 11.0.

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