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Protecting your Global Supply Chain in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Supply chains were once confined to a single country or continent; as companies seek to source quality goods at the lowest cost, they have stretched around the world . While managers have become skilled at addressing frequent, low-impact incidents such as demand fluctuations or supply delays that affect efficiency, they may struggle with preventing or … Continue reading “Protecting your Global Supply Chain in the Pharmaceutical Industry”

By: Team Krypt - October 14th, 2015

Ingredients to success – through the clients’ eyes

Over the years, Krypt has helped numerous enterprises implement, upgrade and customize their supply chain. We have gone through the journey with customers from blueprinting to implementation to support; we have taken on failed projects from other implementation partners and rescued the customer’s project, bringing it to fruition. From a vast array of industries, organizational … Continue reading “Ingredients to success – through the clients’ eyes”

By: Team Krypt - September 29th, 2015