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The importance of AES Filing for export shipment

Authored by: Vijendra Kargudri Background of AES Filing Today’s global trade is wrought with regular trade tariffs, embargoes, sanctions, penalties, and more by the US. Under such conditions, a US exporter faces constant challenge while trading with any foreign business. Hence, to be compliant, every US exporter ought to follow the Automated Export System (AES). … Continue reading “The importance of AES Filing for export shipment”

By: Krypt Team - October 18th, 2019

Roadshow – Krypt & SAP @ SAP GTS Summit

SAP GTS SUMMIT Krypt is teaming up with SAP to present a day-long roadshow on Global Trade on Thursday – 7 November, 2019 at SAP Nederland, Amerikastraat 10, 5232 BE’s-Hertogenbosch. Attend this informative day-long roadshow to listen to and interact with experts in Global Trade Solutions. They will be presenting on topics related to – best practices, … Continue reading “Roadshow – Krypt & SAP @ SAP GTS Summit”

By: Krypt Team - October 11th, 2019

SAP-Infotag für internationalen Zoll- und Außenhandel | 25. September 2019 | St. Leon-Rot

Krypt – ein führende SAP-Partner und Beratungsunternehmen, wird auf der eintägigen Veranstaltung ausstellen. Wir freuen uns, Sie mit folgendem Programmthema zur Veranstaltung einzuladen: Intelligente Handelsstrategien für unsichere Zeiten Zollbereich digitalisieren und internationale Vorgaben sicher einhalten Handelskriege erschüttern den Welthandel, der Brexit steht vor der Tür, neue Freihandelsabkommen entstehen. Wie behalten Sie die immer komplexeren und … Continue reading “SAP-Infotag für internationalen Zoll- und Außenhandel | 25. September 2019 | St. Leon-Rot”

By: Krypt Team - September 6th, 2019

NAFTA vs. USMCA – 5 Biggest Changes

Authored by: Vijendra Kargudri Moving from NAFTA to USMCA With globalization, global trading is an inevitable requirement of current markets and more so when the trading is with your immediate geographic neighbors! Trade agreements between such trading partners facilitate businesses to trade in a mutually beneficial manner. The trade bloc comprising of the United States, … Continue reading “NAFTA vs. USMCA – 5 Biggest Changes”

By: Krypt Team - July 19th, 2019

Top 3 ways SAP GTS helps the Healthcare Industry

Authored by: Vijendra Kargudri & Shilpa Manvikar   The emergence of the Healthcare Sector It might be an understatement to say that over the millenniums, every global exploration route was followed closely by new trade opportunities. Over the last couple of centuries, healthcare products and services have been no exception to that concept. Post industrialization … Continue reading “Top 3 ways SAP GTS helps the Healthcare Industry”

By: Krypt Team - July 11th, 2019

Why you need accurate tariff classifications?

Business entities involved in global trade must function within the framework of various compliance rules/practices framed by the country they operate for and with. And more importantly for this, classification of products/services play a vital role. This century, in the wake of ― newly emerging economies, recession, volatile economies, conflicting differences in political agenda, challenges … Continue reading “Why you need accurate tariff classifications?”

By: Krypt Team - March 27th, 2019