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Sanctioned Party List Screening

Attention SAP GTS compliance users. Does your compliance organization spend countless hours analyzing false positive blocks as a result of your Sanctioned Party List screening (SPL)? Are your blocked business partner reports unmanageable and creating documents blocks, thus holding up the supply chain? There is a solution. There are many configurable options for optimizing your … Continue reading “Sanctioned Party List Screening”

By: Team Krypt - August 15th, 2013


It’s been a long time coming. If you have visited the Krypt website, you will know what I’m talking about. The information is there but were you willing to search for it? Have no fear! We are in the process of revamping Krypt, Inc. is a company comprised of a lot of really bright … Continue reading “Resources”

By: Team Krypt - July 5th, 2013


Krypt, Inc. and SAP have forged a strong and compatible partnership over the last five years. If you were present at AAEI in Washington, DC during the week of June 16th, surely you saw a prime example of this partnership, first hand. Krypt, Inc. and SAP team members manned the booth for three consecutive days. … Continue reading “AAEI”

By: Team Krypt - July 5th, 2013