Can You Design a Facebook Post and Story Even If You’re Not a Designer?
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By: Krypt - June 20th, 2021

With the growing power of social media platforms and their accelerating growth, businesses started competing to establish their online presence. One platform that comes at the top of social media marketing channels is Facebook, and it is known to be used by most businesses to promote their products or services. 

To run a small business, you must establish your presence on social media platforms, mainly Facebook. You can market your business on Facebook by learning the basics of launching an online business presence. 

To keep your followers engaged with your content on Facebook, your posts need to be visually appealing. Some people wonder whether designing Facebook posts requires collaborating with a designer. However, if you plan to manage your online presence yourself, collaborating with a designer is not necessary.

You can learn to create Facebook designs using different tools to ease the process. Keep reading this article to learn more about designing Facebook posts and stories, even if you are not a designer.

Graphic design software

Nowadays, everyone has access to different online technologies offering all types of services. When it comes to graphic design, creating stunning graphic designs is not limited to designers anymore. With the emergence of various free graphic design tools, anyone can create designs even if they don’t have any design experience. A wide range of graphic design software offers varying services, from designing social media graphics, creating logos, and advertisement design to providing a large array of templates.

We will shed light on two of the most prominent tools in the industry from these different graphic design tools. These tools are Canva and Adobe Express.

Doing creative designs on Canva

Canva is a famous web-based graphic design tool that is known to have a user-friendly interface. One of its advantages is that people with little or no experience can use it, as it is an extremely easy-to-use tool. Users can get free access to Canva when they choose the free plan or a pro subscription to enjoy additional illustrations. The free plan provides a great base of photos in stock, templates, and layoffs. Canva is rated 4.72 out of 5 based on generated user reviews.

Experimenting with the tool

To get started with Canva, users are asked to sign up through one of these three options: their google account, Facebook account, or by entering their email address. When signed up, users will be directed to Canva’s dashboard, and it is easy to navigate through the dashboard’s features; they can choose the type of design they want, like a Facebook post or story.

Users will see, after that, tens of thousands of templates they can choose from, edit, and customise to come up with a completely new design. Users can change the background of the existing designs, whether a colour or an image, and add elements like illustrations, icons, and texts, besides being able to control the font.

After making the required edits, the design will be ready, and users can upload it in the format they prefer.

Designing with Adobe Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is one of Adobe’s design software products for people without prior experience using design software. The tool is like Canva providing almost the same services and facilitators to create graphics, especially for social media posts. It is also used to edit videos and photos. Adobe Express is another easy-to-use and powerful designing tool that presents a clearly-arranged dashboard.  

Experimenting with Adobe Express

The way Adobe Express works is pretty much similar to that of Canva. Users can either sign up with the free plan or purchase a premium version to access more than 100,000 templates. This tool also provides its users with design assets to include in their designs and adjust how they like to create customised, attractive designs. When users open the homepage, there will be an option to get started for free. Users can create designs from scratch, look for templates, and filter them based on category. 


This was a fairly brief introduction to the design tools available for anyone to start creating their designs. It is worth mentioning that these tools have other significant features that can’t be listed in one short article, but you can learn about all these features by trying them yourself. As you can see, these tools are user-friendly and have made designing a simple process through the variety of features they provide.

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