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By: Team Krypt - July 20th, 2018


Customarily a business case is developed during the early stages of a project to explicitly outline the why / what / how / who – necessarily decides about the project implementation. Business Case presents the core business benefit of a project and justifications of the expenses of the initiative to decision maker before being accepted/rejected or revised.


Insufficient planning and uninspiring management support can slay an otherwise well-built project. So, first-thing-first what needs to be done is to communicate the project benefits to the organization’s management.

Business Case importantly helps communicate about  ̶   project scope, time-scale, benefit(s), risks, resources, and cost involved to the organization’s decision maker(s). It provides them with a chance to assess the following parameters for the project undertaken:

  • Company goal, problem(s) that hinders achieving it and changes necessary to overcome the problem(s)
  • Key drivers to undertake investment and cost involved
  • Benefits & Risks
  • Likely technical solutions
  • Time-scale
  • Impact on existing operations
  • Organizational competency to deliver the project outcomes


To develop & execute well-crafted Business Case can be a daunting task if your internal team does not have an in-depth understanding of the marketplace in which your business operates, and also in context to the political, economic, sociological, technological, legal, and environmental factors.

Krypt’s longstanding day-to-day operations experience in global trade & supply chain will assist your internal team to gain clarity about the business needs and tap into the strategic level of the organization to suggest the change required.

We develop persuasive Business Case with a focus on the organization’s business need along with  ̶  strong alignment to success factors, right level of detail, unbiased & objective viewpoint, and explore options that would otherwise not be considered to gain the best outcomes for the business.


To ensure development of effective business case and success for the business, we strictly adhere to outcomes derived from following mandatory exercise:

  • Develop matrixes to measure success and ROI
  • Understand priorities & goals driving the project
  • Evaluate current landscape, needs, and future growth
  • Evaluate costs & benefits and resource allocation & consumption
  • Identify risks that may occur during the project execution
  • Recommendations and C-level ready business case


Krypt has global footprints working as a consultant in the space of global trade & supply chain and an enviable list of marquee clients. Following key qualifiers & differentiators make us the most preferred partners in this space:

  • Highly focused business and system integrator, staffed with senior trade & logistics SMEs, solution engineers, and licensed customs brokers
  • Largest SAP Supply Chain implementation partner worldwide with 100+ supply chain projects and 800,000+ hours of consulting experience
  • Certified SAP Partner, SAP Co-Development Partner and Strategic Partner of SAP development and consulting services
  • Authored & published 8 SAP books including the Practical Guide to SAP GTS & 70+ white papers
  • Product investments including ramp up with SAP, testing, complementary products of SAP portfolio
  • Co-innovator with SAP in integrated solutions

Get in touch with us today and save your precious time by partnering with us to ensure success for your business.

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