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January 2022

SAP Logistics Business Network is the future of collaboration between logistics partners. Learn how the Freight Collaboration functionality works through a live demo session by our experts. Get a sneak peak into all the freight collaboration functionalities including onboarding, contracting, execution, dock appointment scheduling, invoice/dispute management and intelligent insights reporting.

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With the Global Trade situation getting more complex with for example Trade Wars, Brexit, FTA's lots of companies are looking into moving their Global Trade solution towards an automated system. That is also where SAP comes into the picture with SAP Global Trade Services. Increased global and regional level trade regulations & the complexity involved in importing & exporting goods, many companies hire the services of customs broker or multiple customs broker to act as their agents. In few countries, it is even mandated by the government authority to use customs broker/customs agent for filing purposes. Customs broker play a crucial role in the supply chain trade process, during this webinar we will go more in detail on how SAP GTS can help you with this from a technical solution point of view.

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February 2022

ICPA 2022 Annual Conference is taking place on the February 27th to March 2nd in Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California. Mukesh Mahajan from Krypt is going to be presenting a session on "Ocean Transportation Planning and Expectations." Click below to know more about the event.

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