6 major benefits of embedded EWM application to ramp-up your warehouse operations
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By: Krypt Team - January 3rd, 2020

Authored by: Vijendra Kargudri

The globalization of businesses has brought about markets & customers from geographically different continents. This necessitates such a business to have robust warehouse and distribution operations to meet market/customer needs. Large businesses have big and high-volume warehousing, preferably with decentralized deployment to handle high throughput. This isn’t so in case of small & mid-sized warehousing operations. The cost of implementing a decentralized deployment is a prohibitive factor.

Cost-effective solution

For such businesses, SAP offers a cost-effective option of deploying a centralized EWM solution as an embedded application component through S/4 HANA. This solution bestows businesses with a host of benefits to easily manage & optimize their warehouse operations. Let us examine the top 6 benefits of this solution to ramp-up your warehouse operations.

1. IT landscape – Simplified

The cost of ownership is drastically reduced, and the IT landscape simplified by implementing an embedded SAP EWM solution. This solution provides a standard user experience across all the components of warehouse management & operations; considerably enhancing user engagement and productivity.

2. Process Integration – Seamless

The embedded solution being one creates an ideal environment integrating all the disparate processes, including those across planning and execution, product development, warehouse, quality, and transportation, which enables end-to-end operations management.

3. Solution implementation – Accelerated

SAP Best Practices are built with many years of partnering with businesses operating at every stage of the supply chain. It comes with an extensive offering of pre-configured processes, sample structures and automated workflows that can be deployed “out-of-the-box”, accelerating both the system implementation and ROI.

4. Operations monitoring – Real-time

SAP EWM embedded into the S/4 HANA platform can leverage S/4 HANA’s functionality of embedded analytics engine to derive detailed analytics & reporting of not only live transactional data but also provides real-time monitoring of warehouse operations. Besides, pre-configured reports & live dashboards are available to a wide range of users, customized to individual responsibilities. Having unified access to critical performance information in real-time helps to elevate accuracy and productivity while enabling decision-makers to take informed actions based on the real-time status of operations.

5. Data Redundancy – Reduced

The data redundancy is significantly reduced as entire warehousing & transactional data is contained within the S/4 HANA database. The master data is not required to be duplicated, subsequently eliminating the need to use CIF (Core Interface). Additionally, as transactional data can be read directly, the need for an EGR (Expected Goods Receipt) document is also eliminated. Removal of multiple copies of the same information translates into lower storage costs and reduced network loads, unburdening valuable resources.

6. Solution licensing – Flexible

Depending on individual business requirements, SAP offers deployment of an embedded EWM solution with two varying functionalities –

a. Basic Embedded EWM option within the cost of S/4 HANA licensing. This option keeps deployment & running costs down along with functionality for stock transparency & control, including inventory, process, and layout management.

b. Advanced Embedded EWM option with enhanced functionality, incurring an additional license fee. This option consists of detailed functionality that further enhances the optimization of warehouse operations, including wave, yard, and labour management.

How can Krypt help?

KRYPT is an SAP preferred partner and has assisted global businesses successfully implement SAP EWM, TM, GTS & IBP.

If your business is at crossroads in choosing the best options for warehouse operations, then get in touch with Krypt experts to guide & help you explore the flexibility in deploying embedded SAP EWM application and ensure the best fit for your business.

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