10 Top New Features in SAP IBP 2108 Release – A Sneak Peek
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By: Krypt Team - July 12th, 2021

Authored by: Andrei Colonescu 

SAP has released a Sneak Peek for SAP IBP What’s New 2108. In this blog, we get to check the top 10 features that we are looking forward to learning more about:

1. SCM Optimization for Planning Runs Using the Optimizer

For normalized systems, SAP now offers the SCM Optimization cloud service. With the SCM Optimization cloud service, the optimizer planning algorithm runs on a highly scalable compute cluster that flexibly provides hardware. Using the compute cluster is expected to improve performance, for example, by reducing interference between parallel planning runs. The compute cluster provided by SAP BTP, Kubernetes environment, runs on a hyper scaler. The systems from which the SCM Optimization cloud service is used, are selected by SAP based on application job, contract, and system criteria. You can see whether the cloud service is used through respective business log entries.

 2. New App: Planner Workspaces

You can use this new app to create and manage Planner Workspaces. A Planner Workspace is a configurable work environment where you can plan, analyze issues in your plans, and solve these issues with the help of custom alerts and simulations. You can build your Planner Workspace according to your needs and flexibly add a custom alerts overview and planning views for your business scenario. This way, you can arrange these tools on one single screen. It saves you from having to switch apps for different planning tasks. 

3. Social Collaboration Using SAP Work Zone

As of 2108, SAP IBP can be integrated with SAP Work Zone as a new tool for social collaboration. SAP Work Zone is the successor of SAP Jam and offers similar functions for collaboration as compared to SAP Jam. SAP Work Zone offers capabilities for social collaboration that work like those in SAP Jam. For example, you can communicate with members of a collaboration group, share information and objects with them, manage your tasks, and keep up-to-date about recent activities using collaboration feeds. 

4. New App: Manage Planning Objects

You can use this new app to view and delete planning objects. The deletion of Planning Objects is available only in normalized systems. The app enables you to check which planning objects exist on a planning level in a specific planning area and version. Using the filter options, you can see how many Planning Objects exist for a specific selection on a given planning level. From the result list that shows you the total number of Planning Objects per planning level, you can then navigate to the list of Planning Objects. 

5. Configuration of Lead Time Unit in Days for TS Planning

Only in normalized systems, you can change the lead time used in your system, to days now. Previously the only possible option was planning periods. 

6. Increased Time Accuracy for TS Planning

If you want to run planning algorithms on calendar weeks but demand is entered in months, and the display level is monthly, then you can check the new Increased Time Accuracy parameter in the Primary Parameters section of the S&OP Operator Profiles app (only available with the time-series-based supply planning heuristic (type Infinite without Shortages)). It is an accurate way of aggregating or disaggregating key figure values when there is a discrepancy between the time granularity at which the planning algorithm is run and the storage level of the relevant key figures; particularly when dealing with split weeks (calendar weeks that overlap two successive months). 

7. Demand Planning – Variable Impact Analysis by MLR

You can now set the multiple linear regression algorithm in the Manage Forecast Models app to calculate the impact of each selected independent variable on the forecast and, optionally, the ex-post forecast. It is possible to run the analysis for both categorical and non-categorical variables. It allows you, for example, to compare the quantities by which promotion and the outside temperature each impacted the forecast calculated for a planning object in a certain period. 

8. New App: Maintain Email Templates

You can use this new app to create custom email templates that meet your business requirements better than pre-delivered email templates and use them instead when sending emails. 

9. Notifications and Emails for Custom Alerts

You can use this feature to choose the custom alert subscriptions that are notification-relevant. You can create a custom email template based on the pre-delivered email template and use it when sending emails for custom alerts. 

10. Enhancements to Procedure Playbooks.

Multiple enhancements done to procedure playbooks provide you with more insight into their usage, usefulness, and allow you to manage them better.

Note:  Normalization: SAP has introduced a new normalized data model to improve performance, memory utilization, robustness, and scalability in the upcoming releases. The plan is to migrate all systems to this normalized data model in cooperation with the customers in 2021. 

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